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Early Childhood


Hey Teacher Teacher has teamed up with Baby's Brilliant to create "Focus Boards", a fun new way to keep students focused on the week's learning goals!


Alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers and Dolch Site words are included in the graphics pack, along with fun weekly videos!

Also, Focus Boards have total integration with our ECE curriculums, and one sheets for simple and easy parent involvement!


ECE age/grade specific direct links below

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NEW!! Coming in SPRING 2019 our materials will be BADGED and GROUPED by grade level. We are working hard behind the scenes creating BRAND NEW CONTENT for GRADES 1 through 6, as well as creating more content for ECE Professionals!

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Hey Teacher Teacher is pleased to present our content partner for Early Childhood Education...

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  • A multitude of educational videos, read along books and interactive soundboards in SIX LANGUAGES!!

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  • Inspiring and educational materials for early education

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Baby's Brilliant!


The Gathering House Series Cover.png

Every Thursday is THE BEST DAY at Williams Elementary School! Chief Lone Eagle and his wife, the class teacher Inola take the class into the Chief's lodge and hear amazing stories of the old world from the Chief, mixing amazing culture with STEAM! Soon you can join us at "The Gathering House".

This series will come with an immersive video book, lesson plans, science experiments, art projects, journals, coloring books and more, AND is integrated into our FOCUS BOARD based curriculum!


Chief Lone Eagle shares his knowledge about gourds with all the school children.


Aiyana and Malik get to make Kachina dolls and learn a secret about the corn husk dolls.


Aiyana and Malik discovering how important rocks were to Native Americans.


Coming Soon...